The 7th “Liu Kaiqu Award” Excellent Artwork Exhibition and The Final Selected 35 Artworks
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2017“Transformation·Creation” The 7th “Liu Kaiqu Award” Excellent Artwork Exhibition and The Final Selected 35 Artworks

On 10:00am of August 27th, 2017, “Transformation · Creation” The 7th “Liu Kaiqu Award” Excellent Artwork Exhibition was solemnly held in Wuhu Planning Exhibition Center, Anhui Province.

By May 14th, the art committee had received 997 proposals of 487 artists from 33 countries and regions since contribution started on March 23rd. Among all the proposals there were 75 foreign works and 412 Chinese works, and a few were made by artists with international influence. According to their peculiarity, creativity, public aesthetic, environmental friendliness, actionability, durability and security, the jury picked up 21 works after rounds of careful selection. Together with 14 directional and special invitational works the final exhibition will present the viewers 35 excellent artworks in total. Sculpture is an art about shape, the selected works all presented artists’ concept design and creative ideas. From the material to the fabrication, they reflected the persistence and intelligence of artists in the process of exploring sculpture language.

“Transformation · Creation”, the theme of 7th“Liu Kaiqu Award” International Sculpture Exhibition, comes out after the study on “sculpture ontological language”, “sculpture and environment”, “humanity and ecology”, “ regional cultural inheritance” and “communication and collision” of the previous 6 exhibitions, and indicates further thinking about Chinese sculpture development. The 7th “Liu Kaiqu Award” International Sculpture Exhibition offers “Transformation · Creation” as an entry point of discussion on possibilities that sculptures have in accomplishing cultural missions, and  sparks questions for every sculptor like  what should we inherit, what should we express and how to transform the traditional culture to value. “Transformation · Creation” means not only inherit and develop the traditional culture, but also understand and innovate from the modern life.

The 7th “Liu Kaiqu Award” Excellent Artworks will be displayed till September 10th. According to reports that China·Wuhu “Liu Kaiqu Award” International Sculpture Exhibition will be officially held on May,2018.

Selected List of Works:

1. Guo Qi   Story of the Opera

2. Li Dongliang    Spring Lark

3. Li Leilei    New Horse Stepping on Flying Swallow--Dream Seeking

4. Wu Pei      Hui Rhyme

5. Xie Wenkai   Lord

6. Yang Jian    Dome

7. Zhu Yuan    Conception in Sight

8. Ding Hao    Babel

9. Huang Qicheng    Cloud between Figures

10. Li Yunlong     Boating

11. Liu Qin     Dangyang Bridge

12. Lv Shaofan      Tai Chi-Commencing Form

13. Xu Zhenzhen     Sunrise

14. Zhang Yaping      The Forgotten City Texture No.1

15. Qian Yunke     Tree at Heart

16. Wu Zhiyong     A Massive Rock

17. Xu Kan     Flow

18. SpainAntonio Vigo    Change

19. FranceChablais      Dancing Figures

20. GermanyJörg Plickat      Building Human Bridges

21. SpainMiguel Isla       Mythodea

22. He Zhenhai        Gate of Happiness and Longevity No.3

23. Jiang Tieli     Cheerful Steps

24. Li Gang     Voiceless Knock on a Stone

25. Pan Song     Plain Series-Deer

26. Shi Xiangdong    Bodysuit

27. Wang Zhigang     My Mountain and My Water

28. Yu Chenxing     Prediction

29. Zhai Qingxi     Maiden in Chair

30. Zhao Lei      A Mile of Territory--Symphony

31. Guo Hang      Rhetoric-Anadiplosis

32. Zeng Chenggang      Animal Series--Dawn

33. Luo Xiaoping     Glance back

34. Pan Xirou      Busy Jiangnan Region

35. Wang Shaojun      Me above the Clouds

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