2017 The 7th “Liu Kaiqu Award” International Sculpture Exhibition Contribution Invited
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A. Overview

a. Background

China·Wuhu “Liu Kaiqu Award” International Sculpture Exhibition had already been successfully held for six times since 2011, and became a national significant brand of sculpture exhibition. Through 6 years’ effort of sculptors from all over the world, China Sculpture Institute and Wuhu Municipal Government, a constructive interaction has been formed between sculptures and public in Wuhu. Public sculptures have made great contributions in the process of creating urban environment, indicating the charm of Wuhu and enhancing city reputation, as sculpture knowledge being spread, public artistic accomplishment improved, sculpture art has been playing an enlightenment role in Wuhu. Under the principle of High Level, High Profile and High Quality, Wuhu Municipal Government has placed more than 200 works from domestic and international sculptors in Wuhu sculpture park, which made it a world-class one and Wuhu a the city of sculpture. Nowadays, “Wuhu Mode” in urban public art practice is being widely praised and learned.

Since all the major national development strategies as One Belt and One Road, Yangtze river economic belt, “HeWuBeng” independent innovate comprehensive experimental area, Comprehensive innovation reform experimental zone, rise of central China and industrial shift demonstration area overlays in Wuhu, this all-round open city is becoming an important node in connecting both central-west with Yangtze River Delta region, and China with the world. As the leading city in a new round of opening up and cooperation, Wuhu has made its list on “Development road with Chinese characteristics” after 30 years of reforming and opening-up, also “Mainland China innovation city list” giving the credit to its rapid economic development, profound cultural accumulation and energetic innovation atmosphere. During 13th five year plan, to manifest city characteristics of “Hills and waters, delicate and prosperous”, also to build the city scenic and cultural featured, Wuhu will definitely provide better support and help to sculpture artistic creation.

b. Exhibition Theme

“Transformation·Creation”, the theme of 7th“Liu Kaiqu Award” International Sculpture Exhibition, comes out after the study on “sculpture ontological language”, “sculpture and environment”, “humanity and ecology”, “ regional cultural inheritance” and “communication and collision” of the previous 6 exhibitions, and indicates further thinking about Chinese sculpture development.

Every era has its own spirit, thus on only one condition can art works exert a huge impact: be synchronous with the times. China is doing a wide and profound social innovation which is also believed to be the most great and unique practical one nowadays, it offers strong power and broad space to cultural transformation and creation on the one hand. Digging into the energy and accumulation of native culture,  at the same time exploring how the culture live in the modern society indicates a profound modern significance to it on the other hand. It is becoming more and more important for Chinese art to build its own system and manifest its value by its own voice and language.

“Transformation·Creation” means not only to inherit and develop the traditional culture, but also to understand and innovate from the modern life. In order to confront the changing society and multifold culture, sculptors must try to explore in the process of growing, while seeking possibilities from traditional culture and absorbing different nourishment from western mode. Xi Jinping, the general secretary said, “We must pass our traditional culture from generation to generation, while keeping pace with the times. Our basic attitudes to the traditional culture are making the past serve the present, weeding through the old to bring forth the new and inheriting with discrimination. And that’s how we achieve creative transformation and innovative development on it.” As for sculptors, attention should be focused on matching the spiritual state, cultural connotation, and artistic value  of their work with contemporary Chinese culture, creating various Chinese stories, characters and themes in order to inspire national cultural innovation.

The 7th “Liu Kaiqu Award” International Sculpture Exhibition offers “Transformation·Creation” as an entry point of discussion on possibilities that sculptures have in accomplishing cultural missions, and  sparks questions for every sculptor like  what should we inherit, what should we express and how to transform the traditional culture to value. With the joint efforts of the sculptors, the public and the government, we hope to see more and more excellent works having the whole country in mind and the whole world in view, and concerning for the contemporary out of the traditional culture, which will definitely contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in the arts field.

c. Form and Scale of the Exhibition

35 pieces of outdoor landscape sculpture works (size: about 4 meters)

d. Selection of Exhibition Works

The exhibition adopts both ways of open solicitation and special invitation, invites contribution globally.

B. Theme Activities

Section One: “Liu Kaiqu Award”

a. Awards and Prizes:

Gold Award      1                  250,000RMB (After-tax)

Silver Awards    2                 180,000RMB (After-tax)

Bronze Awards   3                120,000RMB (After-tax)

Jury Award         2                100,000 RMB (After-tax)

Excellence Award    22        80,000 RMB (After-tax)


Special Honor Award   5

Excellent Short Listed Art Works Award   35

Prize will be paid by RMB.


2017 The 7th “Liu Kaiqu Award” International Sculpture Exhibition

Exhibition opening: May 20, 2018 (Sunday)

Exhibition venue:     Wuhu Sculpture Park

Exhibition duration: All participating art works will be displayed permanently in Wuhu

C. Additional Information

All listed art works will be included in the 2017 “TRANSFORMATION·CREATION” The 7th “Liu Kaiqu Award” International Sculpture Exhibition Art Works Catalogue. The exhibition organizing committee will give every listed artist one copy of the catalogue.

Section Two: Contribution Invited

a. Solicitation Scope

All artists who identify with the theme and purpose of the exhibition and have the sculpture creation skills are qualified for participation, with no limitation of nationality, age and gender.

b. Form of the Art Works

All participating art works must be in the form of outdoor landscape sculpture, and the designed dimension should be about 4 meters.

c. Artworks Requirements

All exhibition works must be original and have not been showed in the public environment before; artists own the intellectual property rights of their own works; the concept of the work must have creativeness and uniqueness, aesthetics forms and artistic expression, as well as suitable for outdoor display; The art work should be practical, safe and permanent.

d.Collecting Details

(1) On-line registration and application. (If you can’t access the internet, please contact the committee office). All applicants must submit photo materials of one to three pieces of works to the committee and fill in the corresponding forms. Please find and download the required forms and material lists at:, or go to the physical office of the 2017 “Liu Kaiqu Award” International Sculpture Exhibition Art Committee to complete the registration formalities. All required materials including the electronic registration form, exhibits project pictures, personal photo and a scanned copy of ID (both sides) or passport must be sent to: before May 14, 2017. If more than one piece of work are submitted, please make sure that the pictures correspond to their descriptions clearly; installation works must have clear described assembling structures (all electronic pictures sent via email should be at least 300DPI). All exhibits project pictures should be sent in JPG format without any textual notes on, and be named in format of: Sculptor’s name, Sculpture’s name, size and  material ( e.g. Myron, Discobolos, 152cm, bronze.JPG ). The registration form should be filled up without missing any item. English should be the language in use for oversea participants (except the ethnic Chinese). Late applications will not be accepted.

(2)The Art Committee will evaluate all the applications and make the selection before June 5, 2017. The final result will be announced on the official website of the 2017 “Liu Kaiqu Award” International Sculpture Exhibition: on June 5,2017. The art committee will send the invitation letter and exhibition agreement to the selected participants to specify the responsibility, right and obligation of the two parties. The selected participants should send the signed agreement along with a draft sculpture work (about 50 centimeters of its size) to the art committee before August 14, 2017 for the participation in the Excellent Artwork Exhibition. Exact time and venue for the exhibition will be decided by the agreement.

e. The Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

(1) The project and plan submitted by the participants must not violate and infringe upon the patent, copyright, trademark, defamation or any other legitimate right and interest of the third party.

(2) Any text, images, graphics, audio or video material appeared in the submitted art works and projects of the applicants are protected by copyright, trademark and all other proprietary legal rights. No information mentioned above shall be released to the public without the consent of the participant.

(3) The organizers of the exhibition reserve the right to publish the art works catalogue and the distribution of catalogue, as well as authorize the Wuhu Municipal Government the right of its usage in public welfare.


Exhibition catalogue: all the listed artworks and some excellent artworks will be included in the exhibition catalogue. Content of the exhibition will cover exhibition introduction, academic articles, exhibition highlights, artist biography, and artwork descriptions.

Section Three: The Making of Art works

The organizing committee will designate the professional factory to produce the 35 pieces award winning artworks and decide the finishing size. Figurative realistic sculptures should be exemplified by the artist him/herself. The making of the end product will be during October 22, 2017 to March 10, 2018. During this time, the artist must go to the factory and supervise the production process at least once. Accommodation will be provided by the Art Committee. Artists who fail to perform the supervision are considered to give up their right and qualification for the award voluntarily. The exhibition organizing committee will organize the supervision department to coordinate and supervise the manufacturing process.

Section Four:China Sculpture Art Forum

China Sculpture Art Forum is a grand sculpture art forum continually held by China Sculpture Institute. We will invite the participation of well-known experts, artists, collectors, directors of large art institutions and media from home and abroad to join us in the high quality academic seminars, lectures and receptions to enhance the academic quality of sculpture exhibitions, to expand the comprehensive influence of sculpture art in the field and to build the communication platform for academic exchange, high-end cooperation and promotion.

C. Organization Structure


China Sculpture Institute

China Academy of Art

Wuhu Municipal People''''''''''''''''s Government

a. Liu Kaiqu Award International Sculpture Exhibition organizing committee


Zeng Chenggang   Vice president of Chinese Artists Association, President of China   Sculpture Institute

Xu Jiang  Vice president of Chinese Artists Association, President of China Oil   Painting Academy, President of China Academy of Art

Pan Zhaohui  Deputy secretary of Wuhu Municipal Government, Mayor of Wuhu Municipal Government

Deputy Directors:

Duan Yujia   Member of Standing Committee of Wuhu Municipal Committee, Head of Information Department

Lin Xuwen   Deputy Mayor of Wuhu Municipal Government

Sun Yuejin   Secretary General of Wuhu Municipal Government


Wu Helin   Secretary-General of China Sculpture Institute

Xu Changhua  Deputy Secretary General of Wuhu Municipal Government

Xu Yaohui  Head of the Wuhu Construction Committee


Yu Xiaoping  Professor  in China Academy of Art

Hua Chunjiang  Office Director of China Sculpture Institute

Li Jiagui  Director of the Finance Department of Wuhu

Zhang Min   Head of the Wuhu Culture Committee

Hou Li   Head of Resident Aliens Bureau

Fang Guokun    Director of  Urban and rural planning bureau of Wuhu

Cheng Yetao   Deputy Director of Wuhu Public Security Bureau

Han Xiaoping   Deputy director of Audit Bureau of Wuhu

Wang Hongwei   Chief economic Director of Wuhu Construction Committee

Organizing Committee Bureau


Hou Qirong


Xu Yaohui

Deputy director:

Yu Xiaoping, Hua Chunjiang, Liu Meixia, Wang Hongwei

b. Liu Kaiqu Award International Sculpture Exhibition Art Committee

Director of the art committee:

Zeng Chenggang   Vice president of Chinese Artists Association, President of China Sculpture Institute

Xu Jiang  Vice president of Chinese Artists Association, President of China Oil Painting Academy, President of China Academy of Art

Deputy Director of the art committee:

Li Ming  Vice president of China Sculpture Institute, president of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Yang Jianping  Vice president of China Sculpture Institute, vice president of Arts College of Shanghai University

Sui Jianguo  Vice president of China Sculpture Institute, professor in Central Academy of Fine Arts

Sun Zhenhua Vice president of China Sculpture Institute, president of Shenzhen Sculpture Academy

Chen Yungang  Vice president of China Sculpture Institute, Executive Director of Sculpture Institute of China National Academy of Painting

Yin Shuangxi  Vice president of China Sculpture Institute, Executive Editor in chief of Art Research

Fu Zhongwang  Vice president of China Sculpture Institute, Director of Hubei Museum of Art

Huo Boyang Vice president of China Sculpture Institute, Professor of the Contemporary Art Department of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts

Long Xiang Vice president of China Sculpture Institute, Secretary of the Sculpture and Public Art Institute in China Academy of Art

Yang Qirui  President of the Sculpture and Public Art Institute in China Academy of Art

Secretary-General of the art committee:

Yu Xiaoping  Professor  in China Academy of Art

Art committee members (arranged according to the number of strokes of Chinese surnames):

Wang Lin   Professor of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, well known art critic and curator

Wang Zhong   President of the Urban Design Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts

Wang Zhigang  Dean of Sculpture department in Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts

Wang Huailiang  Head of  arts department in Anhui Engineering University

Lv Pinchang  Secretary-General of Sculpture Art Committee of Chinese Artists Association, Dean of sculpture department of Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Zhu Shangxi    Chief Editor of China Sculpture Institute Website

Sun Wei   President of Sculpture Art Committee of China National Arts and Crafts Society, Director of Sculpture of Research Center in Central Academy of Fine Arts

Wolfgang Gramm   Curator and art director of North  ArtCenter in Germany

Li Xiuqin   Professor of China Academy of Art

Lin Guoyao  Professor  in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Chen Yanyin  Dean of sculpture committee of Shanghai Artists Association

Ralfonso   Founder and chairman of Kinetic Art Organization (KAO)

Yin Xiaofeng  Dean of Professor Committee of Fine  Arts College in Northeast Normal University

Jiao Xingtao  Vice Prisident of  Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Dean of Sculpture Department

Sui Jianguo  Vice president of China Sculpture Institute, professor in Central Academy of Fine Arts

Jing Yumin  President  of Public Art College of Tianjin Fine Arts Institute

Guo Bingyao  Head of Sculpture Department in Anhui Normal University

Wei Xiaoming  Professor of Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, Vice president of Beijing Artists Association


Zeng Chenggang   Vice president of Chinese Artists Association, President of China Sculpture Institute, Vice president of Tsinghua university academy of fine arts

Assistant Curator:

Hua Chunjiang, Feng Chongli

Exhibition Supervision Department:

Director: Sun Wei

Committee:Wang Zhong, Jing Yumin, Chen Hui, Pan Song

Exhibition Publicity Department:

Director: Qian Xiaoming

Committee: Wu Hongliang, Zhu Shangxi, Tang Yao

International Communication Department

Su Duozhuang, Guo Hang

Art Committee Office:

Hua Chunjiang, Liu Meixia, Shao Yuejiao, Lv Wentao,  Wangjing, Luo Ping, Zhang Zhuoming, Hu Sheqiang,

Ding Xuezhu, Li Meiwei

Contact of the Art Committee Office:

Tel: (+86) 010-66173056

Email :

Address: Building 25-3, Rong Huiyuan, Airport Industrial Zone B, Shunyi District,Beijing,China

Postal Code: 101318

China·Wuhu “Liu Kaiqu Award” International Sculpture Exhibition organizing committee reserves the right of the final interpretation to the contribution invitation.

China · Wuhu "Liu Kaiqu Award" International Sculpture Exhibition

Organizing Committee Office

March 23, 2017

2017 The 7th “Liu Kaiqu Award” International Sculpture Exhibition Contribution Invited

2017 Wuhu Registration Form

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